Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Updates all around...put it on my tab!

Well, last week was the first week of my "chemo-lite" pills. I took them for seven days and had seven days off. Tomorrow I start back on them for a week again. I didn't feel any side effects. No fevers, no mouth sores, no nausea, no runs, nothing!

I had my blood tests today and that didn't show any side-effects from the pills, either. In fact, my platelet count increased from 122,000 to 134,000. 150K is where I want to be. It just takes a while to come back after all the full chemo treatments I had.

Also, I tipped the scales at over 145 lbs today at the hospital! That's a gain of almost 4 lbs in two weeks!

At the gym, I am consistantly running an 8:40 mile. Not where I want to be, but getting more energy. I'm working out on the bench press with 185 lbs. Not back to where I was, but inching closer. Besides I don't weigh enough to lift too much right now!

So everything is looking good!

I'm sure I'll post a blog after my trip to NYC next week for the Big East Tournament!

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