Saturday, February 21, 2009

Party review...

Well, my "End of Chemo" party was tonight. My mom and I got there about 6:15pm and sat down. At 6:30pm, it was a like a bus pulled up with the guests. People swarmed in. Thinking back to who was there, I think the final count was about 80 people. I had several different groups represented... Pitt alums, Arlington softball teammates, neighbors, family, ex-dates (no...not the biggest group, people!), coworkers, cancer support group members, improv troupe members, etc.

Because so many people attended, I spent the entire first couple of hours greeting everyone. I missed out on much of the food and I didn't see one basket in the Pitt game. I constantly felt like I was ignoring everyone as I tried to dart around and get to see everyone at least a little. If I missed you...SORRY! It was amazing to see that many people out to support me.

And I did not cry once! (It was my party, so I could have cried had I wanted to.) I cried earlier in the day, so I was good.

Earlier in the day, #2 North Carolina lost their basketball game. So, I knew Pitt had a shot at number one tonight. We just needed #1 Oklahoma to lose. Midway through that game, Oklahoma lost their best player. It was a sign. As the final seconds ticked away in Okla's loss, the song randomly playing in the bar was Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive." How appropriate was that?

Back in January, Pittsburgh became #1 for the first time ever on the day the doctor told me that I could end chemo. They became #1 again the day I celebrated the end of chemo. They did it for me...I know they did! :-)

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