Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Am I Samson?

Okay, probably not. I mean, no one poked out my eyes after I cut my hair today. But I did have a servant, also known as a barber, shave my locks. (Although, I'm sure she wasn't Delilha's servant. Does anyone know if Delilha's servant was Korean?) Anyhoo...I HAD to have my hair cut today because it was falling out like crazy (see the photo below of my sink this morning.)

Afterwards, I pitched in my work league. In the first two innings I gave up 11 runs. What the WTF? I was worried my pitching ability was left on the cutting room floor (nice choice of words by the part-time actor). But, I settled down and shutout the other team for the next several innings. We came back and took a 13-11 lead to the bottom of the last. They scored three. Ugh. :-( But, at least I know I can still pitch...just need some hairless practice to get my balance back.

Check out the new "high and tight."


Donna said...

you sport the new doo well.

Catharine said...

I like it! Do you have time in your schedule to do my hair next? The chlorine and helmet are killing it and I think it may be time to sport a cut like yours ;)