Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet me at the animal shelter?

It's time for another CAT scan. Well, not yet...Tuesday morning. I was around a cat the other night and he kept rubbing against me. He didn't say anything, so I guess he didn't see any signs of cancer. That's a good assumption, right? And he was a lot cheaper than Georgetown. He works for belly rubs. Hmmm...maybe the nurses do, too. I've never asked them.

This will be my first scan since the cancer has returned. We get to find out if the vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, fatigue and rash are all worth it. I've had three rounds of the "hard stuff" and four rounds of the "easy drug." (Yeah, right.) Remember I told you that the rash was a sign that the chemo was working...well, we shall see. My scalp is itchy and hurts like heck. I know my head gets sore just from the hair loss. I think its because my pours are now hairless and exposed. Add to that, the rash...and it's painful. It even hurts to put my head on a pillow. But, if the cancer is shrinking, I'll deal.

The hope this time is for no change in the "nodules." This past two months was to fill up my body with chemo so the next rounds can blast things to Timbuktu. (Hopefully, not to any people in Timbuktu...just some dead land away from civilization.) As I've said in the past...shrinkage is a bonus!

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Catharine said...

Thinking good thoughts and crossing my fingers for good news, Shawn!