Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They'rrrrrre Heeeee-eerrrre...

Remember that line from the little girl in "Poltergeist?" (Trivia: She died of Crohn's Disease.) the past five days, I've had old friends come to town from Philadelphia, Atlanta, Jersey City, and Berlin! I had the chance to spend time with three of the four (just too tired to squeeze everyone in...sorry, you-know-who.) Three just happened to be working in DC this week. Why did they all pick a week I was dead from chemo??? :-)

And now I want to return the favor and visit each of them! I see trips to Independence Hall, The Varsity, Madison Square Garden, and a concentration camp in my future. All four of those things are related to two of my favorite sports and history. Sure the last one sounds morbid, but as you know, I cry all the time anyway, right?


Katie Mac said...

does it count as me "making your blog" if you don't specifically mention name? ;) What should I name my new kitten? grey with white paws, male.

Lauren L. Miller said...

Yes, come to Philly where I'll also make you do the "Rocky" run up the Art Museum steps! Thanks for hanging out on Friday. I know how tired you were, but you rallied! Plus, I'm sure hanging out with Dwayne and me always makes you feel better about your unbelievable dating life! :) See you soon! xox