Friday, October 16, 2009

Kind words...

I get very nice email notes from time to time. I thought I'd share a couple I got this week. Obviously, they made me cry. I cry at Campbell's soup commercials, for crying out loud!

Hey, I got my calendar and visited your blog. I was really charmed, moved, entertained, saddened, inspired, etc. by all you write and have written about your experience. You really are such a gift to the earth. I mean that. People with your fortitude and strength of character are rare. GO, FIGHT, WIN!!!

Now you are not only our hero but our celebrity too. Its a cool Colondar and I will be showing it to my doctor. You keep up the good work, we are in it with you. We tell all of our friends about your strength and resolve, your positive attitude. Guess you're just one special Dude. We are proud of you.

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