Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What to wear for Halloween...

Well, I got the results of my CT scan yesterday. It wasn't the shrinkage I was hoping for. Instead the tumors have grown...just slightly, but still. Also, there are a couple more. None of this is great news. But it's not a disaster. I have options.

One of the options is a clinical trial. This particular trial doesn't have any data to go by other than it worked in testing on animals, and they figured out the dosage needed. So I'd be stage three of the trial. The good news is that this combo of drugs doesn't seem to have any side effects. And I'd only do it for two months and then we would scan. If it isn't working, I could try the next option.

Another option I have is the drug treatment I was on after my surgeries. That "seemed" to work, but who really knows. The surgery removed the tumors and the chemo simply kept it from coming back for a year. But were things just starting to grow from nothing while I was on it?

So which do I choose? I wanted my biggest decision this week to be my Halloween costume, but instead I have to choose a drug that might work and save my life. I can't wait until the day when "What should I have for lunch?" is back in my thoughts.

I'm still here, so "We have one more game!"


Cris said...

"we have one game to win. That's all. We'll worry about the rest later." Just take it one game at a time.

Becca said...

i am with you man. i have way too much in common with you m'thinks. thanks for updating us on your scans. (oh...and...ahem...if you want to toss on a superhero outfit, preferably from the x-men saga, you're more than welcome to hang with me on halloween! :) I got mine all ready...)

kelly said...

Hey Shawn, friend of Donna Gregories, pick a halloween costume first, then worry about what comes next. You have to live life and have fun even if you have cancer. If you wear a wig for halloween I hold your hair back for you if you chose chemo. Hope you feel better and chat with you soon. Believe me I know what you are going through, and whatever the end choice is its the right one for you. Stay positive and have a good halloween.