Sunday, November 29, 2009

Take my breath away...

Actually, I'd prefer to have my breath given back. So tomorrow, I'm having a catheter implanted in my lung cavity. In the past two weeks, I had my lung drained twice (once for 1/2 a liter and again for over a full liter). I could continue going to the hospital for this, but for a couple of reasons it is better to get my on drain hooked up and do it myself.

One of the reasons is that I can do it often and be able to control my breathing better. The other reason is because when I go for a drain here and there, the doc is guessing at the route that the needle has to take from my skin, through my back, past my ribs and into the cavity. The last time when I had a liter drained, 1.5 liters remained because he hit the cavity too high to drain it completely.

This procedure will get the tube right at the bottom of my lung. They say in 60-70% of the patients, the catheter actually helps dry up the fluid and it can be removed in a few months.

It's an out-patient procedure, so I'll be home tomorrow night (and also awake for the tube being inserted in my chest. As the Beach Boys sing, "and we'll have fun, fun, fun 'til the doctor takes the catheter away." (Okay, it wasn't exactly those lyrics!)


Gina Bocra said...

Feel better... hope it works way faster than a few months!

Let us know if you have plans for NYE... we'll be coming to DC!


chaoticfamily said...

Found your site through the colondar pages. My Dad just had his first radiation treatment today and was diagnosed in October. Although I don't wish this upon anyone, it's nice to hear other peoples stories.

I hope this next procedure goes well for you and provides some relief.