Friday, June 20, 2008

Clinical Study

I volunteered for a clinical trial during my last surgery where they used a new ultra-sound machine on me. That machine gave the doctors a higher resolution picture of my body. It allowed them to better know where the tumors were. Why wouldn't I agree to use that?

I got another call from someone at Johns Hopkins the other day and she asked if I wanted to be part of a clinical study during my next surgery. The surgery will be the removal of part of my liver that has tumors in it. A portion of the removed liver will be sent to the lab to be tested. The remainder is thrown in the trash can.

Johns Hopkins wants my permission to use the garbage part of the liver in medical experiments on new medications. Hmmm...let's see... Either throw out my liver and have the rats eat it at the dump or use it in experiments that could save lives in the future. This decision could take a while!


Michelle said...

We need more altruistic people like you! Clinical trials are so important...but I'm not biased or anything... :)

Rene said...

yeah, that's a real tough decision!! You are the man!!!

And as a Hopkins grad, glad my alumni dues and other "giving" money is going to something good and will hopefully make you better!!!