Sunday, June 1, 2008

CAT scan/ next surgery

Earlier this week, I had a CAT scan before my follow-up visit with my surgeon. Its been five weeks since the surgery and the good part of my liver has gotten bigger. That allows us to have my next surgery to remove the bad part of my liver. Surgery date has been set for 1 July. No new tumors showed on the CAT scan, either, so that's also good news.

Sadly, this will be the first time in about 12 years that I will not be down on DC's National Mall for the 4th of July fireworks. :-( I *might* be able to leave the hospital on 4 July, but it'll be close. The plan is: 1 July - surgery; 2 July - ice chips; 3 July - liquid diet; and 4 July - regular food and go home.

I guess if over 100,000 guys could fight a battle in the 90 degree Pennsylvania humidity on 1-3 July back in 1863, I can do this.

In theory, this surgery could remove the remainder of my visible tumors. After I heal, I will go back on chemotherapy for three months to hopefully kill any and all cancer cells that have yet to form tumors. If everything goes perfectly, I could be cancer free by December. I'm not celebrating yet, but there is hope...

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Michelle said...

You WILL be cancer free by December. You've soared through everything up to this point, and I know you will continue to soar through the remaining treatments. Like Dave Wansteddt said, "Keep the Faith!"