Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last man standing...

Last night I pitched in what might have been my final softball game of the summer. In between chemotherapy and surgeries, I managed to pitch in 10 games. I was the winning pitcher in seven of them (two losses and one no-decision). Not too bad under the circumstances...but I hope to do better next year!

After the game, a lot of my team when out to the bar. They played "flip-cup", but since I'm not a beer (or any type of alcohol, now) drinker, I just drank my pitcher of coke. I downed the whole thing. My god was I wired! I didn't leave the bar until after 1am and didn't fall asleep until after 3am.

That was my latest night out since being diagnosed. Almost all of the softball people had left by the time I left. The bar (by then) had turned into a college scene. I did get a smile from a girl who was either 21 or underage and had a fake ID. Like Ralph Malph used to say on "Happy Days," "I still got it!" (Of course, had I actually talked to her and mentioned "Happy Days" she probably would have introduced me to one of her aunts.)

Oh wait...I must mention the waitress at the bar. Apparently, it was her first day and she was by herself with a group of softball teams. I ordered "chicken cheesesteak with no onions or green peppers. And can I substitute broccoli for the fries?" Well, my entire table had about finished eating and I still didn't have my food. Then the waitress re-appeared. Not with my food, but with the mushrooms that my friend didn't get on her hamburger. Of course, the hamburger was now eaten and she was left with a bowl of mushrooms. Later, I did get my chicken cheesesteak...and FRIES. It was chicken and cheese on a plate. "Umm..can I have a bun?" "You want a bun?" "Yeah, that would be helpful." Judging from the mushroom incident, I decided to eat my food without the bun. After I finished, the bun arrived. Later in the evening, a plate of brocolli also arrived. So, basically, I had a 3-course meal...chicken and cheese on a plate, followed later by a bun, and topped-off with a lonely plate of broccoli. Classy!

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Michelle said...

That was so funny, and the broccoli was surprisingly good! Glad you were able to pitch so many great games in between surgeries. You never cease to surprise us!