Thursday, May 28, 2009

Easiest surgery yet...

Yesterday I had my herniated disc in my neck repaired. It was a lot less painful than Lasik for me. (Lasik felt like sand and shampoo was in my eye for a couple of days.) I woke up from surgery and was hooked to pain meds via I.V. I could press the button every ten minutes if I wanted to. I didn't need to. I only pressed it when I was going to sleep and that was only because they scared me by saying, "don't let your pain develop because it's hard to bring back down again." So what happened when I pressed the button? (Either I launched a nuclear missile, opened someone's garage door, or became itchy on every square inch of my body. You guess.)

I had to be given Benadryl (sp?) for the itchiness. Then that made me so groggy. Had I just layed there with no meds I would have been fine. But I had to take meds for the sole reason of repairing the damage from the meds I didn't really need! Ugh.

I'm home now. I'm not suppose to talk for a couple of days. Follow up visit is 9 June. I have to get an x-ray on 8 June. Then back to I.V. for cancer prevention on 10 June. (Admit it, you wish you could have my life!)

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