Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why me??

You know, throughout my entire year of surgeries and chemo, I never once asked, "why me?" So, now that my herniated disc has become more painful than anything in my life, I'm going to ask. WHY ME??? What did I do?

My physical therapy was helping slightly over the two weeks since I started. But then a few days ago, I woke up and I was worse than ever before. Time to see the neuro surgeon. He looked at my MRI and said, "do you have pain here, here, and here?" Yep, those were the spots. So, I knew he knew what he was talking about. He tested my arm strength and I had none in my right tricep. So, he knew it was time for surgery. Sadly, he's booked until 20 May. Ugh.

I was supposed to leave for Europe on the 18th to celebrate the end of chemo. That's out the window. Does anyone know if I can get any of my money back from Travelocity for hotels and flights?

Oh, yeah...btw. The reason I started this blog... I have a CAT scan for cancer tomorrow. I almost forgot that cancer is my main issue!

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