Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where am I? Who am I?

In the late years of my grandma's life, she lived with dimentia. She had almost no short-term memory, it seemed. One thing she loved was watching the Philadelphia 76ers play basketball. She couldn't get enough Charles Barkley. So, we video taped some games and she could watch them all year 'round. It was always a new game to her. She was happy, so it wasn't mean or anything.

Recently, I've had one of those moments. Back in January, I blogged that I was doing okay on chemotherapy and I made it out of the house to go to the movies. This week, that movie (National Treasure 2) was released on DVD. I watched the trailer on tv and I have NO memory of any of it. I read the back of the DVD box and it says that the plot has to do with the president being kidnapped. What??? There's a president in it?!? I'm so confused. Its actually kinda scary that I have no recollection. I guess that is what they mean by the term, "chemo brain."

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Season said...

Don't worry Shawn, I never remember what happens in movies and I don't even have the chemo brain excuse! ; p Hey, it's not a bad thing, think of all the movies you can watch again like it's the first time!