Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Hour tonight...

I went to a happy hour tonight that was part of "I'm too young for this." It's a group of under-40 cancer survivors. There were only seven of us there, but there was one thing that made me take notice. I'm not the only upbeat person with cancer (or in remission)! These people were all full of energy...each and every one. One is doing a tri-athalon next week. Another is working on a film project for Ted Kennedy's bill to get more clinical studies for cancer. I was impressed by the group.

TV VIEWING NOTE: "Stand Up 2 Cancer" is Friday night (today for you, maybe) at 8pm on NBC, CBS and ABC. It's only an hour, so don't miss it!

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Cris said...

Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong can't even be in the same city? Melissa Etheridge always gets a diverse crowd when she's on stage. ;-)