Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two chemos down the hatch...

The regiment is 12 cycles of chemo. This afternoon I was disconnected from my portable IV and that completed my 2nd cycle. Only 10 more to go. (21 weeks if my blood counts cooperate each time.)

I have a little nausea today, but I totally forgot to take my meds for it this morning! I guess that is probably a good sign. Over the winter when I was on chemo, I was thinking about my medication constantly because I was always feeling sick. Today, I was more concerned with watching football highlights! :-)

Some hiccups, some nausea, some soreness in my throat, and some muscle spasms, but that's all so far this time.

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Lewis Shepherd said...

Bottoms up! And good luck on the 5k training, I think you're nuts but gutsy :-)