Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I'm not a wimp...

I emailed my doc and told him that I was sleeping for about five days after my treatments. He said that is WAY too much and insists that I stop treatments for now. So, I'm on a break from chemo! I can start going out to dinners with friends or whatever, soon. It's been a while since I left the house much. We'll play it by ear as to when I'll start back up for my final chemo treatments.


Gina said...

Take it easy, Hobbs... you can get back up on the chemo horse soon enough. I'm sure you've gotten so good at it that it will be just like riding a bike- you'll have the next six down and it will be time to celebrate! Enjoy your chemo vacation!

Sara said...

Hi Shawn! Definitely not a wimp. Take some time to regroup. Hey... did you ever get that CT scan?
Take care, Sara

Craig said...

So I think you're still sleeping less now that when we were in college! Hang in there and sleep as much as you need, waking only to watch college b-ball and to book your travel reservations to visit us in Germany next year!
Gutes Wiedererlangen (Good Recovery!)