Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Awesome, baby!"

Yesterday, Pitt was in town to play Georgetown. It was going to be a good game with two top-10 teams playing. While I was in El Paso this week for Pitt's bowl game, I ran into the Athletic Director for Pitt and he said that he just got word that Dick Vitale would be announcing the Georgetown game.

I made it a point to get to see him and thank him for his work with the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research. So, I walked into the Verizon Center at 10:30am (game at noon) and went to a few different ushers until I found one who would let me down to courtside to "take photos of the court." Once I was down, I drifted towards the scorers' table and called out to Mr. Vitale. I told him that my friend (who was with me) and I were both on chemo and I thanked him for his help raising money. I also said that some of that money might have helped me because my procedure was very new and it worked great.

Btw, Pitt pulled away and won the game 70-54! They are now # 2 in the country!

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