Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Delay in starting pills...

I met with my oncologist today and my blood tests still show that my platelet count is low. My count should be at 215 and it's at 127. That is up a little from last time, but not as high as he expected it to be since stopping chemo. The good news is that it's going up. The bad news is that there is a *possibility* that it shows cancer. He followed up with, "but don't think about that...I just have to tell you the possibility."

Because of this issue, he wanted to start my pills in two weeks instead of today. But I leave for Puerto Rico in 16 days and I didn't want to take a chance of having a side-effect while in San Juan. So, we will start the pills on 18 February. Just to be certain of everything, I will have a CAT scan on 17 February.

Having my CAT scan results means my party on the 21st will either be a bigger celebration or an encouragement party.


Michelle said...

Don't worry Shawn- platelets can fluctuate. Just enjoy yourself!

Craig said...

Looks like Jefe was giving you a run for the money on his blog (I'll send you the link). You're welcome here in Berlin anytime - May or September :)