Sunday, June 21, 2009

Colondar -- Day 3 (first half)

Oh crap! I forgot to mention on day 2 that after dinner a cake was presented. It was Candace's birthday. (See photo at the bottom).

The next morning, I woke up late because of the heavy cake. (It was either that, or the couple of Oxycontin I took for my neck pain.) I grabbed some lunch and just kinda went from person to person chatting. As a few of us were on the lawn over-looking the lake, our services were requested in the garage. David was in the midst of his photo shoot, but was having trouble relaxing and smiling. Silly me was trying to think of something funny to say to him. But, before I could, four people had their shirts off to entertain him. So, there stood three girls in bras and Andrew (he goes bra-less). I do have photos of this, but they told us before we got there, "what happens at Lake George, stays at Lake George." (I just saw the movie, "The Hangover" and they have a takeoff of this: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That sh## will follow you everywhere.")

After the shirts came back on, I played a cancer-related song on the internet for Andrew. He liked it and said he could learn it and play it later that night. Cool! (I wish I was musical.) So, I let him do whatever it was he does to learn music.

Dinner that night was going to be all the usual suspects plus a bunch of neighbors who were helping out by offering guest rooms, kayaks, etc. for our stay. Before dinner started, we were treated to a story by Kathy. Kathy is a resident of Lake George and was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 26. (Oh yeah, I should mention...she'll be 86 next month!) Wow. What a lady! (I love her line at the time 6:40 in that video!)

After some picture-taking, we all gathered for dinner on the porch. It was a fantastic sunset that evening over the lake. Dinner was excellent (as usual, Tammy and Todd). While everyone was still seated, Hannah got up to talk. She was carrying some pages from Colondars past. Hannah talked a little about why they do the Colondar and then proceeded to talk about past models who have left us. She got through it, although I don't know how. I could not have and I never even knew these people. Our attention was then drawn to Troy's 15 year-old daughter standing down the hill on the dock. With bagpipes in hand, she began playing. She ended with "Amazing Grace" in honor of the Colondar models we lost. Then I lost it. (I warned you that I wasn't done crying.) David was next to me and I shared the longest man-hug of my life with him. You don't want to think this way, but the thought crossed my mind, "would I be on that list sometime?"

That's all for now. The keyboard is getting wet. I'll regroup and post part 2 of day 3 some other time.

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Erika said...

Shawn-This was very nice, however you forgot to mention that the girls standing in their bras were very, very hot. So hot that Troy had to photoshop that boner out.