Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Neck surgery update...

I met with my neurosurgeon today for my two-week follow-up. The x-rays showed that everything is healing properly. He removed the bandage (after the photo-shoot, naturally). We then did some arm strength testing. His words were, "that's amazing." (I love hearing "that's amazing" in reference to myself.) "Most people start getting the arm strength back in about 6 weeks. You already have about 95% of your strength back after two weeks."

The best part: I'm cleared to start jogging and lifting weights. Can you say, "tonight?" I knew you could. He said I should wait four more weeks to "go jumping around." That means I will be pitching for my Pitt team on 10 July vs. Georgetown. (provided my coach lets me have my job back)

As a very wise lady said over the weekend, "Don't baby yourself." :-)

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Sara said...

Good luck back at the gym! Loved hearing about the photo shoot/retreat. take care. Sara