Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I don't have a theme tonight...

Most of my blogs have a theme. Maybe I'm not thinking straight. I've done a great job the past two weeks blocking out what is about to happen. I really haven't spent much time at all thinking about it. Sure, I did the preliminary stuff...getting my prescriptions, grocery shopping for "bomb shelter food" (canned/boxed goods), and lining up my network of friends to spend time with. But, for the most part, I did what made me happy.

Between the time I returned from neck surgery and the start of chemo, I pitched five games of softball and won all five. (It wasn't the best competition, but on the other hand, the opponents haven't gone through what I have the past two years.)

I'm anxious to get this thing underway and become closer to being done. I just hope the side effects are tolerable. Ugh. I plan to lift weights, continue to play softball, work (I have to or I might not get paid...but that will be another blog.) and also do things with people (which I didn't do too much of last time.

There will be three treatments between now and 7 August. The goal is to stay healthy and active during that time. After that, I have a tournament to win...

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Sara said...

hey shawn,
i heard you did great your first day back on the harsh stuff. i look forward to seeing you and your chemo-sabis (i stole that from another pt :) ) next week. take it easy on the toothbrushing... sara