Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Talked to my oncologist liver surgeon...

My doc from Hopkins gave me a call today to talk about my recent CT scan and my plan for treatments. He agrees with the course of action, so I'm pleased with that. He said that the new drug, Erbitux, has shown good results. (Although, there is a damn pimply-rash on my face that comes with it.) Since none of this is an exact science (they are, afterall, only "practicing" medicine), we'll continue this chemo and then do a CT scan after 4 or 6 cycles to see what has happened.

Later in the conversation, I mentioned that he was well thought of among the people at the Colondar shoot. The first thing he said about the Colondar group is that "they are a remarkable group of people." I mentioned how the people I met there have helped inspire me to continue to play softball through my treatments. He continued, "Oh, and you are another remarkable one. We can't slow you down." It's nice to be associated with that group, now. :'-) He also said he has a spot for the calendar in his office.

Btw, speaking of softball...I have not lost a game since returning from neck surgery. I'm 7-0 with one no-decision. Think I can keep that going all year???

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