Friday, March 14, 2008

Heading to NYC!

Pitt won!!! They are in the championship game of the Big East Tournament for the 7th time in 8 years, now. In the morning (its now Friday night), I'm driving to NYC with my friend, Fish. We have a hotel two blocks from Madison Square Garden for Saturday night, but we still need to find a scalper for tickets.

Go Pitt...Beat Georgetown!!!


Mrs Fish said...

WooHoo!!!!! What a game!!!!!
I am so jealous of you two....have a safe trip and bring home a win!!!!! If you guys find any free time tomorrow, you can always head to Chinatown...I can use a new purse ;)
Just so you know, Mara was cheering with me tonight and she was even saying:
"Always Keep the Faith"!!!!!!
Have fun!!!!!
GO PITT!!!!!!

BluIrishYs said...

AWESOME you went to NYC, Shawn (I like to think it was due to the 'bug' I put in your ear)...realistically - I know it was due to your friend, Fish (THANK YOU FISH) and your love of PITT!:)

Let yourself contemplate going to the Sweet Sixteen/Final Four should they make it all the way!

Sending you mental hugs...and look forward to seeing you at work (even if only for a few minutes) in the near future...week of 24Mar?


P.S. I hope you tell the scalpers that the docs already took your hair and they should give you a discounted rate! LOL:)

Gina said...

You nut! Why did you stay in a hotel when you and Fish could have crashed at our place! We have plenty of room... next time you know better!!!

Glad you got to see it, dad and I were sad that we thought you were missing it!

Virtual hugs,