Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long time, no blog...

Many of you have been calling and emailing to see if I'm okay and ask how things went during my second opinion consultation at Johns Hopkins. Well, sorry for the delay...I had an aunt, two uncles and a mom in town over the past week, so I was having some good visiting time with them.

During my consultation, the doctors seemed upbeat. They agreed with the type of chemotherapy I'm receiving. This week, they are going to take a copy of my latest CAT scan to their review board to see if I'm a candidate for surgery at this point. This brings into question those "floating tumors" again. If they come back to me and say that I'm good to go for surgery, then I won't be sure if they saw those "floating tumors." Afterall, my doctor at Georgetown didn't see those tumors at first, either. The radiologists saw them only after further review.

I get another CAT scan in about five or six weeks. That should tell us more about what time-frame we are looking at for a surgery.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good lately. I'm slowly increasing my weights at the gym, I'm throwing up less (always a good thing), and I feel more normal as a whole.


Michelle said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and thanks for the update! I figured you've been busy the last few days with family in town. If you are feeling up to it, everyone would love to see you at practice today. I hear the weather is great in DC right now.... unfortunately I'm in frigid Minneapolis!

Jen Bretsch said...

...and you have the heart of a champion! :-*

SerenityNow said...

No mention of the NCAA Bragging Rights pool??? Come on, pal! Maybe it's because the guy who doesn't even follow college basketball until mid-March is kicking your sorry butt!!! You're 7 points back with only 9 points left. Not looking too good for ya, dude. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

What? Did you expect sympathy just 'cause you have cancer? Sorry, ain't gonna happen from me. I know George Costanza said, "pity is very under-rated" but "Homey don't play that!" I'm gonna continue treating you like I always have. & the NCAA BRAGGING RIGHTS are mine, Baby! MINE!!! Last year & continuing to now. Hopefully for 8 more days plus another year!

So, when do you wanna do lunch? Ricky was asking if I can take him to ESPN Zone some time. Wanna meet us there for dinner one night?