Monday, March 31, 2008

Scope It Out 5K Run/Walk is behind us...

Yesterday, my team, "Never FELT Better," had the most participants of any team at the race (76), as the MC announced. I didn't even recognize some of the names of people on my team. It felt good to be so supported in the/my cause. I got choked up sometimes...especially seeing people wearing signs "in memory of". I don't like thinking about that stuff at all.

"Never FELT Better" finished 3rd in the racing part of the day. (They added the times of the best 3 males and 2 females for each team. Congrats to Cory C. (who I don't think I know) for finishing first among our teammates. Another big congrats to Mary Z. for leading the ladies of our group. The top five were rounded out by Jason K, Robert M, and Michael U. (Hey Mike...sorry I didn't see you there, but a big thank you for coming out!) My personal time was over an hour for the 3.1 miles because I walked the entire thing. Also, a big congrats to my uncle, who at 62 ran the race in 28 minutes. Actually, my cousin ran it in that time, but I switched their computer chips by accident, so my uncle looked really fast!

I want to thank everyone for coming out and running or walking and also thank those who donated money to the event. I appreciate each one of you.

The photo is of part of our team who remained after the walkers finished...


Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn! We just wanted to say hi and congrats on your 5K that's awesome and seems like so much fun. Hope all is well!

Love Natalie and Shannon (nursing students at Georgetown)

P.S. your blog is very inspirational, stay positive

Jimmy P. said...

Shawn, that is awesome the team did so well and it was good seeing you & everyone again, even though a) it could have been a tad warmer, and b) I probably did a total of 8k given where I parked!

Cris said...

It was great seeing you there. Glad we could be part of it.

SerenityNow said...

I was going to do it Shawn but didn't want to wear the ribbon. Actually, I had a State meeting for Babe Ruth Baseball & Special Olympics Softball that I had to attend. Looks like you were very well represented though. Great job to all who participated & very glad you are able to participate Shawn.

BluIrishYs said...

So - is that you in the stroller? //evil grin//

Seems like ia finally shut off access to this site, or so it seems...have to submit an ereq to an ia owner grp to figure it out - mike and i can't see the site when we think about ya at work. :(

mike wanted to win...but i'm happy that he made it there..and that you did too! HOOAH!

did you enjoy the cherries?

were you nice to your PET?

I just read about a lady in englad with a colostomy bag - the headline has me truly flummoxed (love that word and seems so english)..."Agony aunt Virginia Ironside" or some such nonsense...who'd a thunk, huh? Here's the link...have fun:

you wouldn't believe some of the links off of THAT page!

got to it by clicking on the cartoon of GWB on the potty in a WashPost site...good place for him.

okay ...i sh ould be in bed but decided not to go to work's been a hellish week...but very productive in b3-241...

had the best laugh today. sent email addressed to:

Jesus/Willie/Freddie/Jose - and suzie (friend) wrote back saying she thought i was going "Jesus, Mary, & Joseph" catholic on her until she realized the names were real people! ROFLMAO!!!