Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to playing softball...

Over the weekend, my Pitt alumni softball team had a scrimmage vs. Colorado. Yours truly pitched over half the game. At first I struggled to get the batters out, but after the first inning, I settled in and pitched similar to the way that led us to 14-0 last year. I felt good to be out there playing. I'm not in the shape I was in previous years, but I'll work on that.

After the game, Jen and I were walking with our Pitt shirts on. A lady yelled out of her car window, "go Pitt." We stopped to talk to her and it turned out that she was Sam Young's step mother. (Sam Young was the MVP of the basketball tournament I went to in NYC last month.) For you Pitt insiders...she and his father want him to stay in school and not go pro this year.

Back to softball... Today was supposed to be our first alumni game of the season, but because of the rain, it is postponed. :-(

I hope to find out this week if I'm going to have surgery. If surgery happens, I might not get to play softball at all this year. Tonight might have been my only chance at a real game. Double :-( :-(


tallarico said...


It was great seeing and having you out there Saturday. I was quite upset that mother nature washed out tonight's game for no other reason that you would have been able to play.

We'll get you back out there sooner than later.

Gina said...

Roy Hobbs... best there ever was! Sorry about the wash out... but, you'll be back soon enough.

No tumors, no tumors, NO TUMORS! We've got our fingers crossed about the PET.Scan... and we're crossing all fingers and toes until you get the results!

Gina and Bill