Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Surgery date set...

I met with a surgical oncologist at John Hopkins today. According to all the preliminary reports, I'm a candidate for surgery to remove the tumors in my colon and liver. This isn't 100% certain...they need to keep checking things to see if I have other tumors elsewhere in my body. I did another CAT scan today, so that will be another chance to check for other tumors. The surgery will also consist of more searching. If any other tumors are found during surgery, then only the tumor in my colon will be removed. Removing the tumors in the liver is more involved and more risky. So, there is no sense putting me at risk if I'll have to continue chemotherapy anyway.

The date of the surgery is Earth Day...22 April. (Note: back on 17 February, my blog asked you to guess the date of surgery and my friend, Fish, got it exactly right. He wins a $400 check! Not surprisingly, that is the same amount I owe him for Pitt season football tickets.)

I feel good that surgery is a possibility. No one wants to keep cancer in his/her body. But we'll need some luck even with surgery. Keep your good thoughts coming!

After the meetings at the hospital today, Jen and I ventured over to Fort McHenry in Baltimore. That is where Francis Scott Key witnessed the British attack in 1814 and it inspired him to write the national anthem.

It was the end of the day and the park rangers were about to close the fort. I was "volunteered" by the park rangers to help lower the Star Spangled Banner replica (30 feet x 42 feet) and fold it up. It's a really cool view from Fort McHenry. If you get the chance, stop by.

As we left the parking lot, there was a squirrel gathering nuts. I couldn't resist, so I rolled down the window and said, "Bye Mr. Squirrel. Hold down the fort!" :-)

Oh and I get to play in one softball game on 18 April!!!


Cris said...

Thanks for the update. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Hoping for an early birthday present for you. (Sorry I can't make the game.)

Dena said...

Shawn --
Geez, all these tests and surgeries. Don't you just wish the doctors could do it 'Fantastic Voyage' or 'Inner Space' sytle. Shoot a minturized ship into ya and then they could tell you the whole story while they sit lodged in your ear? Ok, so staying home wiht a 2.5 year old has made me a tad weird(er). Hang in there and good luck. By the way it was great to finally meet you at the 5k I was the friend of Jen's with the funny lookin tie dye hat.
You are in my thoughts.


Sara said...

Shawn, that's really exciting news. I look forward to more great updates. Happy early birthday and everyone at Georgetown will be thinking of you next week. Sara M.