Sunday, April 13, 2008

A thank you...

I want to thank "Gina's mom" and "Gina's dad." They have sent me a greeting card of encouragement practically every week since I was diagnosed. The cards always bring a smile to my face and that always helps! Thank you. (Oh, and happy birthday, Gina!)


Janice said...

You better start getting on the mend, cause I'm running out of cards and money. We support you as we can to include wearing of the Pitt.I know what support can do and still remember you being here when I was down.Get better my friend--- and we will be here for you until you do.

GBDad and Mom
Hannibal, Mo.

Gina said...

Thank-you for the birthday greetings! My birthday wish this year is for you to get better SOON! Hugs from JCNJ!

Jimmy P said...

Hear hear! That was my birthday wish too (April 7). Thinking of you buddy!

kim said...

hi Shawn,
just wanted to say i hope your surgery goes very well and brings encouraging news. and have a happy birthday too! i'll be thinking good thoughts!!
Kim C