Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hey everyone! Come out and wish me a happy birthday/good luck in surgery/rah-rah for Pitt football on Saturday, 19 April from 5pm 'til at least 9pm at "Top Shelf Bar and Lounge" in DC. We have the upstairs reserved for a group.

My birthday is the 23rd, the surgery is the 22nd, and Pitt is on the NFL network during part of this gathering in their spring (practice) football game. Even if you are not a Pitt fan, come out...I'd love to see you!

If you plan on coming, send me an email or post a message here. (We want to give the bar an idea on number of people.)


LL said...

Thinking of you today from Tokyo and hung a little "Ema" for you. See photos from Meiji Jinju that I posted for you on my Facebook page.
Good luck on Tuesday and happy birthday!

LL said...

Here is the direct link to your Ema:

:) Sayanara!