Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leave from work...

I received some not so great news today. Apparently, there is now a cap on how much leave I am allowed through the program I've been using this year. My leave runs out 16 September. So, for 3.5 months of chemo, I have to somehow be at work, if I want to get a paycheck.

Every two weeks, I will have to take 3 days off to receive my chemo and I'll only be earning 1.5 days of leave during those two weeks. During the rest of the time, I hope I feel somewhat okay.

Do they care if I spend my day in the restroom throwing up and other stuff?

I do have one thing I can do. I can apply to have specific people at work donate days off to me. I guess I will find out how many people really like me there. :'-)

Also, my doctor did say that after so-many treatments, I could take a break from chemo and then start back up. Maybe I could take December off and then when 2009 starts, I won't have a problem with the leave program.

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Amanda said...

Shawn -
I'll start soliciting people and look into logistics! Would it be wrong if I made posters with your face on it? lol