Sunday, October 12, 2008

33% done...

Well, I'm completed 4 out of my 12 treatments. This time there weren't too many side effects, except one that has me worried a little. Over the winter, I had a side-effect where I was jittery and couldn't keep my leg from tapping a mile a minute. I had that same feeling earlier tonight. I went for a walk to "walk off" my nervous energy and it seemed to help a little. But, I had to come home and take a sleeping pill. I just wanted to wake up and have it be gone. For the most part, it is gone (my nervous tapping, not my leg).

The sleeping pills are scary, though. The last few times I've taken them, I have had dreams about scary clowns trying to kill me. That's not exactly relaxing sleep! This clowns! There has to be a joke about "how do you kill a clown?" If anyone knows, let me know so I can use it in my next dream, if need be!

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