Monday, December 29, 2008

Best and Worst of 2008...

I can't write this post on New Year's Eve because I'll be in El Paso, Texas at Pitt's Sun Bowl game. So, I'm doing it a couple of days early.

The Worst of 2008:

February: Oncologist said "You have too many tumors, so you are inoperable. We are just going to keep you alive as long as possible."

The Best of 2008:

August: I know the best part of the year is no longer having cancer, but that was a gradual process, so there was no real "moment" when it just happened all at once. So, I'm going with my happiest time this year: Pitching the entire alumni softball tournament five weeks after removing half my liver and having my team coming in 3rd out of 70 teams. It was so unbelievable.

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Katie Mac said...

Go Pitt!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun :)