Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tough stretch...

I am about to deal with a stretch of days that isn't pleasant. Tomorrow I have to fast (only soup broth and Sprite) and then in the afternoon, I start taking exlax pills. Once the pills start working, I have to down a half gallon of the worst-tasting slop you ever could put in your mouth to totally clean me out.

Then on Thursday, they'll poke my arm with a needle for an I.V. and jam a long camera in somewhere I don't think it was intended to be. I'll be doped up the rest of the day and not really hungry.

Come Friday, as I'm all weak from not eating much for two days, they will once again stick a needle in me and this time they will pump killer chemicals into my bloodstream for three days. I probably won't vomit much because there will not be much in me. That won't stop the nausea, though.

If you are expecting a holiday present from me, unless I can find something for you on the operation table on Thursday, you're out of luck.

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