Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sleeping and napping...

My first cycle of the last six chemo treatments is behind me. As I sit around here feeling rundown, I'm thinking about all the texts and emails I got last week when I said there were no signs of cancer anymore.

A lot of you said "you did it" or something to that effect. I'm not really sure I did much of anything except take what was dished out to me. I mean, the surgeons and oncologists did their work and I just recovered from any and all effects from it.

About the only thing I did was say yes to surgery and yes to chemotherapy. But, given the choice I had, any of you would have done exactly the same thing. There wasn't a choice.

It's like being in a bar fight. Some guy punches me in the face and I fall down. Later, I go home and recooperate. Did I really do anything besides heal?

Don't get me wrong... I'm super happy to be getting better, but I'm not sure how much of a role I played. The researchers for drugs and procedures are the ones who did it.


Michelle said...

Your attitude and determination are what kept you strong; I've seen too many times where the patient just gives up and as a result their treatment is less effective. You should be proud of yourself, because YOU did it.

Jack Frazier said...

Its your don't give up- don't ever give up attitude and a unbelievable passion to fight against any and all odds and win!
gitty up Shawn gitty up.
See you on Christmas.