Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cancer Tree...

I was diagnosed the week before Christmas in 2007. All of my decorations were already up when I heard the news. After Christmas, I started taking them down and I got really sad. (Chemo does that. Well, chemo and not knowing if you are going to die.) So, I kept a tree up and lit. It was a 4-foot tree with only white lights and it was lit usually 'round the clock. Over the months, the strands of lights started to burn out. I saw a few string go out as I was watching TV.

As Christmas of 2008 arrived, four stands were out and only one remained. As you know, my chemo treatments were every two weeks. My last treatment turned out to be 19 December 2008. If we assume that each round of chemo does its work for two weeks, that means the chemo stopped working on 2 January 2009. That is the exact day the last strand of lights went out. :'-)

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