Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The CAT scan ritual...

Today I had another CAT scan. I'll find out the results tomorrow when I meet with my oncologist. I can't remember if I posted my CAT scan ritual in a previous post. Oh well, I'll risk posted it again. When I arrive at the hospital to drink barium, I stuff my nose with tissue so I can't taste as much. Then I chug as much of the barium that I can. I immediately gargle with Gatorade and pop a piece of chewing gum in my mouth. I usually have to repeat this 4-6 times to down the entire batch of barium. Today was no different.

Then I am required to wait about 30 minutes as it works its way through my bowels. Once in the CAT scan machine today, they scanned me. The second scan came after some contrast dye was injected in my vein. That gave me the warm feeling (like peeing your pants). The tech then said something new. "You're digestive system worked too quickly. I need you to drink some more barium. But since the previous scans were just conducted with you in this position, you can't move." I had to drink barium while laying flat on my back. Try drinking ANYTHING while on your back and your head level! Now try it with chalky crap! My god, did I gag.

I haven't had that much fun since Disney World!

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Melissa said...

Thinking good thoughts for you. I'm planning on coming to the party on Saturday, so make sure that CAT scan returns good resutls!!!