Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick update...

Sorry for the delay in posting since I got out of the hospital on Saturday, but I have an excuse. Sometime between entering the hospital and leaving, I GAINED 20 pounds of water weight. The docs said "it's normal." Well, this is my fifth abdominal suregery and the only time I've gained weight...how normal can it be?

Anyhoo...This water weight is painful. Of my entire year of crap, this is the worst of it so far. From my incision to my toes, I looked like Mike Myer's character "Fat Bastard. I could barely stand in the shower yesterday. Without seeing it, you can't believe it. (I almost wanted to post a naked photo because it's so unbelievable.)

Finally yesterday, one of my nurses gave me some advice and I was able to drop a couple of pounds. So, now I'm only bloated from my incision to my knees. The painful part is at the incision. Not only is my rib cage area (and liver) healing from surgery, but they are being squeezed in there so damn tightly because of all the liquid. So, I feel pain with every breath.

Don't worry...it's only pain. None of this is long-term.

Please...only good *thoughts* for now. No calls. I need to rest. Texts are okay...but only to say things. Don't ask questions...

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Katie Mac said...

I'm assuming the calls comment doesn't apply to me since I am the link to everyone. I mean, everyone is asking me how you are, etc. i can't answer unless I know! So you better keep answering my calls. Oh, and my two cousins from France arrive in town tomorrow for 2 days. Let me know if you want to do any tourist things :)

Katie Mac