Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In stark contrast...

Whenever one has a CT (CAT) scan performed, the medical technicians need to use "contrast."

Medical note: Contrasts are pharmaceutical agents (liquids) and are sometimes referred to as "dye". Contrast is used to make specific organs, blood vessels and/or tissue types "stand out" with more image contrast to better show the presence of disease or injury.

How many ways can one administer a contrast into the human body? Well, the first way is to have me drink this crap. Today's crap was a chalky milkshake that can only be described as "liquidy thick." Not good when it tastes horrible. I gagged about 75% of that down.

After putting on my nifty hospital gown, I was able to have the nurse stick me for my IV contrast. This is the one usually referred to as "dye." When this dye is shot into you, you feel warm all get a warm chest like you just drank a shot of brandy...and you get a warm pelvis like you just pee'd your pants (which you aren't wearing.)

I thought I was done. Nope. They needed to see the lower end of me. So, a huge IV-like bag of milky stuff was hung. The tube dangled down. Then the other end was inserted in my other end. Lovely. They had exhausted the ways of injecting contrast into a person. I win!

Stayed tuned for the results of the scans...

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BluIrishYs said...

Shawn - WHAT was dangling? LOL:)

Are you having chemo today or next week?

Had dry run of my brief before presenting it to the bigwigs next week - wish me luck!

Got a new puppy - did I tell you that yet? I should bring him over for some pet up for some company?