Monday, February 11, 2008

Its been seven weeks...

...and I've taken everything in stride pretty least, I think I have. So, I'm allowed one day (today) to feel like I do...

"I don't want this any more." :'-(


kim said...

Shawn, you've been hanging in there so well, you deserve and need to let out the difficult feelings. Hope you are feeling better soon, in every way.

--Kim (Seahawks!)

Fish said...


Keep the faith!

We are all out here supporting you in our own ways. I know it can't be easy but we need you.

Please call if you ever need to talk or anything else.

Love You

Donnie said...


Hang in there big Guy.. Your doing good so far and you have alot of people pulling for you. Stay strong and remember we have a whole lot more innings to play, because this game is far from over. Just like in the World series this year we won every game in the 7th inning and we can do it again. Just hang in there and remember GIVE US A CALL if you need us. You know where to find us.

Best Wishes

Season said...


Sorry, I just learned of your news. I'm on your side and will do my share to help you kick this cancer to the curb, beat it up in the alley, etc. I'll definitely get some CMUers together for the race in March. Keep your spirits up, it's half the battle. Let me know if its okay to call, would love to catch up. We play Pitt tonight in bball, I'll keep you posted.

Hugs and happy thoughts and prayers for you.


Michelle said...


Hang in there! You know where to find me if you need anything.


Jefe said...


Just ask yourself what would Glider, JT, or Two Socks do at a time like this. :)

You CAN do this.

There are a whole bunch of people back in the 'burgh that know that you can do it.


The Lynch Family said...


I know there are going to be ups and downs during these days but I am sure an "up" is just around the corner.

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Scott, Rach and Isabel

tallarico said...


Your certainly allowed to have days like this. But keeping fighting through them. Yeah, its cheesey and cliche, but don't give up and don't quit fighting. There's way too many people that are pulling for you and that know that you're going to kick this door down.

Call with any needs or just to b.s. to get things off your mind.


SerenityNow said...

"What a wuss!"
"Did you just call me a 'wuss'?"
"I said 'luss'...I'm at a loss."

OK, OK, stop crying already. It's like when we were friends when we were kids just because you had a ping pong table & now I don't think we should see each other any more.

I guess to cheer you up I had better really get you that membership to "The Hair Team for Men!"

BTW, I'm supporting you by being friends with someone who's supporting you.