Friday, February 8, 2008

Perfect timing...

All the drugs I take make me very emotional. I cry at commercials...a touching story about a dad and daughter...seeing a photo of somewhere I was...etc. Last night, I was opening a gift in the final minute of the Pittsburgh basketball game (I thought they were going to lose because they were down by 4 points near the end). The gift turned out to be an autographed football from the head coach of Pittsburgh's football team:

"Shawn - Always keep the Faith.
Dave Wannstedt
Hail to Pitt"

I started crying. As I looked up, I had to clear the tears from my eyes just in time to see Pitt's Ronald Ramon making the winning shot with no time remaining to beat West Virginia by one point. I kept on mom didn't know what else to do but hug me.

Also, earlier in the day Jen gave me a teddy bear with a Pitt shirt (an Oakland Zoo plush toy for those of you in the know). I named him "Ramon," after the winning shot was made. :-)


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BluIrishYs said... you're going to make me cry!

What a fantastic gift!