Friday, February 1, 2008

Not all "shrinkage" is bad...

I am now scheduled for a CAT scan on the morning of 13 February. This will be my first CAT scan since starting chemo. That will mark the 7th week, so its time to see what the heck is going on in my colon. (I mean, I know some of the production coming from my colon because I see that several times daily, and that ain't pretty!) Now, its time to see what the cancer is doing.

The doc will compare those results to the CAT scan I had back before the holidays (the one that let me know I had cancer.) He tells me that about 70% of people see "shrinkage" of their tumors. Most of the other 30% see it stay the same (meaning it stopped growing.) So, if I'm in that near 100%, we will continue with the chemo treatments and see how small we can get this damn thing. If, for some reason, the tumor has grown...then we will most likely go in and knife it out.

So, send "shrinkage" thoughts my way for the next couple weeks! If you would like to hear about "bad" "shrinkage from Seinfeld," click here:

Btw, did anyone ever have to drink the crap for a CAT scan? (or colonoscopy?) Oh my god! The worst ever. I have a ritual so I can even remotely get most of it down my throat. First I stuff my nose with tissue. This takes away some of my sense of taste. Then I chug as much as I can. (Why wasn't I a beer drinker in college? I never learned to chug!) After gagging as much down as possible, I quickly rinse with Gatorade. (I'm not allowed to swallow anything after midnight before the exam.) Then I pop in a piece of Trident gum. I have to repeat this for about 2 liters worth. Wow. Its a scene, man!


Crystal said...

even though i haven't been commenting, i read and think about you all the time. you're a trouper, man!

good luck.

i will pray for shrinkage!

Michael said...

Shawn, just dropping by to say hello and that you're in my thoughts and prayers. Dwayne updates me many times each week. Dude, keep fighting and hold your head high and you'll get through this in no time! Let me know how I can help - aside from listening to Dwayne's rants. Come on Shrinkage!!!