Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not avoided...

My fever is not cooperating. Its over 101, so I'm being admitted to the hospital to get IV antibiotics. Chemo will be pushed back a week. :-(


BluIrishYs said...

Shawn - Melissa and I just saw that you have gone into the hospital for IV antibiotics...how are you doing now? Are you yelling LOUDLY at your fever yet? Since your chemo is now delayed a week - maybe you'd like to play some flag football or um...hey, i know - you could (oops - can't write that on here! LOL:)

Cheer up - at least, with a fever, you should be somewhat warmer? Keeping your in my (our) thoughts...RP-4

Michelle said...


We're thinking of you and hoping that this fever disappears in no time. Hang in there!


Gina said...

Always doing whatever you can to hang around the nurses and get them talk about what a "hottie" you are... we got your number. So... no more fever!!!

Feel better and get yourself ready for that yummy cat scan cocktail!

Gina and Bill

rfaloon said...

Do you think that fever can come down before pitchers and catchers report for CAN spring training in a few weeks????? Hang in there boss.

E. said...

Hi Shawn,

Sorry to hear that the hospital is now using you as a pincushion. Here's to knocking out the fever and getting you back on track for the next round of chemo.

Hey, what's your favorite flavor for the CAT scan -- berry or banana? ("Favorite" in this context means least horrible.)