Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't want to leave you hanging...

I was able to get two different drugs for hiccups and the combo allowed me to rest. I got my sleep last night without hiccups. Today, though, I'm just in a fog. I think the drugs have made me too drowsy. I'm out of it. I did, however, go to the gym for a light workout. That felt better, but it didn't wake me up.


Dena said...

I haven't met you yet and am already a fan. I am a friend of Jen's. You have complete strangers pulling for you!

I am sending nasty, negative, 'zapping' thoughts to your cancer and tons of smiley face, happy thoughts to you...cheesy enough for ya?

Ooh and another keep getting up and fighing movie that was just on TV the other night... RUDY!...yes, I am a former domer.

Oh and you should name your cancer after some evil character in a movie....There is Hans from Die Hard, Chett, wasn't that the big brother in Weird Science, or you could keep with the Bitch theme...I am not thinking of any good female characters right now, you will come up with something! Something to think about at your next chemo treatment.

Keep fighting, hang in there and keep that sense of humor going!


Molly said...

Whew! Hiccups be gone!