Thursday, January 3, 2008

Everybody has guts...

...some just work better than others. No matter what you do, all day long, your guts are plugging away. A main occupation is digesting your latest meal. Well, most of you who know me, know that I don't eat too many large meals. So, I guess my guts were bored and hitting the pavement looking for a extra paycheck. They found it. Construction. In the two years between my beautiful colonoscopy photos and this past month, they worked as hard as a beaver and almost dammed up my colon with cancer cells.

The doctors told me that it has spread to my liver which classifies it as "colon cancer stage 4." (Apparently, whenever a cancer spreads to another organ, it becomes stage 4 regardless of severity.) This led me to tell people that I had both colon and liver cancer. Not true. I have colon cancer with "colon cancer" cells on my liver. I have never developed any cancer on my liver...they just moved into town when the neighborhood went in the colon. (Its the dirty part of wouldn't' want to live there, either).

That's the quick run-down of what i have. I will keep you updated as I find the time and energy.


annelise1 said...


Thanks for sharing. Jimmy passed this along to us and we wanted to let you know we're thinking of you. Your in our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery!

Jeannie, Paul and Annelise Park
Shawn Fan Club members

Crystal said...


you = rockstar

steph and i both think you got the balls to handle it.
and we should know. :P

Martha said...


It is hard to believe all that is going on but I am certain you will survive this one too. You will be strong once this is over

We will be praying for you

Martha & Getachew

SerenityNow said...

Hey There Biff,
If you think I'm buying you an unlimited gift certificate to The Hair Team for Men, you're crazy! & what's that white thing on your lip?
Seriously, I'm sure you'll beat this thing with your positive attitude & sense of humor! Let me know what the schedule is for driving you to/from your chemo appointments at Georgetown Hospital - I'll gladly volunteer for some of them. Also, what can you/prefer to eat? I'll gladly make some meals up that you can stick in your freezer for whenever you want - that should help make things easier for you.
Take care now!

the_acct said...

Nice of you to blogit (I’m not that good at geek speak). I’ll keep the team at work up to speed on you. Hang in there and be sure to let me know if I can be of any assistance. Oh and can I have your fichus?

Jim G.

Michelle said...


You know I'm here for you- all you have to do is ask. I need my pitcher back on the mound as soon as possible, and I need to see that sneaky smile of yours again soon! :)


BluIrishYs said...

shawn - and i thought chronic diarrhea was a PITA...//sigh//

seriously, other posters here have great ideas to support you during your treatments...[helping drive you to chemo, making meals to heat/eat when you don't have energy, etc]. count me in - just let me know when/where and what you like to eat.

i think having an off-site chairside at your chemo appointment would be just the think for our next working lunch...

it's to bed...i've some email will be sending your way...

p.s. - if you can survive "BA" - surviving colon cancer will be a piece of cake! clc:)