Thursday, January 3, 2008

The treatment...

When the doctors knew what they were dealing with, there were a couple of options. One was to remove the cancer in the colon with surgery and then start chemo. But, that still left chemo for the lesions on the livers. The decision was to start chemo right away and see how small we can get these things before using a knife.

My colon was close to being blocked, so there was a concern that it could become blocked during chemo and really cause havoc. A colonoscopy doctor went "up" and placed a springy-piece of chicken wire in my colon to hold open the blockage throughout the entire, upcoming chemo months. (I have photos...I should post them.)

Chemo started on 27 December 2007 with me receiving a "boatload" of drugs. They say a lot of people either get one type or the other, but I got both because I'm young and strong. (Have you seen me lately?) So, we are one cycle into this process, now, and I'm SOOOO tired!


Amanda said...

Shawn -
I've been thinking about you. I'm glad to see your keeping your sense of humor during this time!

BluIrishYs said...

What Amanda said - thinking about you!

Aw, go ahead - post the know you want to! wondering how long you have between the chemo treatments (one a week?)...are you eating!!!!????

Wish I could take your tired away...


brad loyd said...

Shawn- I was shocked to hear of your current situation. You are in my thoughs & Prayers. Keep your head-up & maintain your sense of humor. From one ex-recruiter to another....Be of good cheer & keep the Faith!