Sunday, January 6, 2008

A glimpse of normal...

Yesterday, was a "great" day, relatively speaking. I started off by eating breakfast (just cereal, but hey, its something.). I had all this nervous energy, so I went to the gym and walked a mile on the treadmill (in 16:30 mins). Came home, ate raviolis, then I went to the movies (I liked National Treasure 2, but not as much as the first one), and I ended the day by cooking pork chops on the grill. How's that for normal? Take that, cancer! :-P


Gina said...

After all you have conquered in your life already- isn't fighting cancer "normal" for you, anyway??? Like it even stands a chance!!!

Pork chops, mmmmmmmmmmmm! ;)

We'll send as much chemo support as we can from NYC! We'll be down later in the month and hope we can see you!

Gina and Bill

Fish said...

Hope you continue to feel better and keep the updates coming.

Just curious, applesauce???

Take care,

Fish, Michelle and Mara

rebecca said...

seriously shawn, slow down! isn't that way more than you used to normally eat?!? i would hate it if this made you start liking food! than i might have to actually cook you something from my repertoire... :)

let me know when you are coming into work next!