Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's your record for hiccups?

I've had mine for almost four days, now. I've tried all those stupid remedies...even when they work, its just by accident. Finally, today I'm getting a prescription. Yay! Hopefully, the pills will allow me to sleep more than one or two hours at a time. Ugh.

My hiccups aren't even tied to eating or drinking. I could simply wake up from a nap and I immediately start bouncing. My ribs/lungs/back are all starting to hurt.

But, if this is the worst that chemo can do to me, I guess I should feel lucky. Its just annoying.


Jen Bretsch said...
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Jen Bretsch said...

Maybe you could aim for the World Record or go on David Letterman! Seriously though, I hope the meds make the hiccups a distant memory so you can get your beauty rest (not that you need it for your looks). xoxoxox

Gina said...

Bill swears by this... just in case the meds don't work! Eat a teaspoon of sugar *very slowly*. He says it's guaranteed, just like a Rutgers win over Pitt. ;-)

Sweet dreams sleeping beauty!

We'll be down over the weekend... we'll check in to see if you're up for a visit!!!

BluIrishYs said...

I've heard that one person had them for months or years? Wonder why they didn't take some of that medicine? Hey - try this - drink water UP SIDE DOWN. Next time you're in to work - I'll demonstrate - works every time!

How's this for records - I've been sneezing regularly since August - and the most in a row has been 34 so far.

Eat and get some sleep, Shawn!

Will be at ESI this week...see you next Monday, maybe?

Molly said...

Hiccups are terrible, and sometimes painful. I've seen those people on talk shows and they're not exactly thrilled with their new record-breaking "skill." Personally, I hate having them. (They're an occasional side effect of my migraine pills.) Only benefit of long term hiccups, as evinced by the talk show hiccuppers: RIPPED abs. So, I hope the drugs work.